Discover Technology for Travel Architects Powering 800M in travel transactions


From startup to $800 million
in ten years

We are creating and fine tuning the technology, digital marketing and operational processes that are reinventing the travel industry. Our custom developed TMT operating system is a key competitive advantage for Kensington Tours and has powered its growth to $100 million in sales. Our DBO system powers Worldview Travel and Travel Edge with its $600 million in sales across 15 offices. And our ADX travel enviroment serves the $100 billion traditional travel agency market. The company also provides centralized finance, support, infrastructure, procurement, acquisition, HR and legal services.

What we do

Architecting tools for the travel industry by combining cutting edge new technology with best industry practices.

Tour Management Tech (TMT)
Powering Kensington Tours private guided travel, implemented with 300 Destination Management Companies in 80 countries.
Digital Back Office (DBO)
Powering Worldview Travel across 15 offices in three countries, efficient ERP implementation, live reporting, contract optimization.
Agent Digital Experience (ADX)
Complete virtual agency for travel agent, multi-GDS implementation, CRM, accounting, reporting, merchant processing.


Making the complex simple through the use of technology;

Staying collaborative and service oriented; and

The value of the customer experience, for our customers and their customers.



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Technology for Travel Architects